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Rheumatic & Joint Pain

Discover freedom from rheumatic and joint pain without the need for painkillers.

How to get rid of joint pain without painkillers

It's not uncommon for rheumatic and joint pain to cause frustration, discomfort and greatly impact your quality of life, especially as we get older.

We understand how debilitating this can be, and that's why we present Rhia Nano - your trusted companion for organic joint pain relief.

Our innovative device incorporates a heat plate and a unique percussion therapy feature that specifically targets the areas of discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and joints.

This design allows for a deep-penetrating warmth that soothes your muscles, mitigates rheumatic pain, and relieves joint tension effectively.

Are you suffering from Back Pain?

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Using the Rhia Nano for organic rheumatic and joint pain relief

The Rhia Nano is unlike any other joint, neck and back massager. Our device is a game-changer in combating rheumatic and joint pain.

It offers heat therapy to reduce stiffness and improve flexibility, while also utilising percussion therapy to break down knots and increase your range of motion.

To use the Rhia Nano for rheumatic and joint pain, simply place the device's heated plate to the affected joint to promote relaxation and relief from pain as a comforting warmth soothes your pain receptors.

However, do not do this if it is already inflamed and hot to the touch.

Alternatively, use the device's percussion massager feature to massage the surrounding muscles. The Rhia Nano will break down deep-seated knots, enhancing your range of motion, and reducing muscle soreness.

Do not use the Rhia Nano’s massage function above your neck.

Be in control of your pain with the Rhia Nano

Whether it's arthritis pain or general joint discomfort, the Rhia Nano can help you take back control.

No longer will painkillers with unpredictable side effects control your daily routine.

With the Rhia Nano, you're in control of your pain management, empowering you to live a life unconstrained.

If symptoms continue, see a healthcare professional. Our intent with the information on this page is not to diagnose or prescribe. For any medical advice, please speak to your GP or a pharmacist

Frequently asked questions

When to seek a medical professional?

If the joint pain becomes progressively worse and it affects your ability and daily routine you should seek advice from your GP and/ or specialist. In addition if the joint pain is related to trauma/ injury and/or you have severe swelling, redness & tenderness to touch around the joint.

When to seek immediate help at A&E

Sudden and Severe Pain

Signs of Infection

Associated Systemic Symptoms

Inability to Bear Weight or Use the Joint