At Rhia Health, we believe that regardless of whether our customers are disabled or not, everyone should be equally able to use our website. One of our core values is providing help to our users and making our website as accessible as possible. We are constantly seeking to make improvements to our systems, and are working on this by conducting research on how to improve accessibility to all customers.

Our goal

Our goal is to align with the guidelines set out in The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content 3.0, Level AA, which are the industry standard best-practice accessibility guidelines.

Rhia's website allows you to:

Zoom in to access the text, without it spilling off the screen. Navigate most of the website using just your keyboard, without the need for a mouse. View the website using any device, such as mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Our website also ensures that the colours used have sufficient contrast.

What to do if you cannot access parts of the website?

If you require information regarding the accessibility of this website, please contact We value any and all feedback.