Our Mission

At Rhia, we understand how persistent pain can obstruct the simple joys of life.

That's why our mission is to let you take back control of your pain relief, health and well-being, without resorting to potentially harmful painkillers and their unpredictable side effects.

Rhia's team recognises the growing inclination towards non-pharmaceutical pain relief alternatives, leading to an increased demand for reliable digital therapeutic solutions (DTx).

Our flagship product, the Rhia Nano, stands out in the marketplace. Unlike typical sports massage devices, the Rhia Nano is crafted to deliver more than temporary relief.

It's a lifestyle companion that supports your pursuit of a pain-free existence.

Rhia Nano in Pearl Pink packaging Rhia Nano in Pearl Pink packaging

Sustainable packaging

Embodied in sustainable packaging and incorporating recycled materials, every aspect of the Rhia Nano aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

We believe in promoting a more sustainable future for all, starting with our own practices.

That's why we create products that not only improve our customers' lives but also respect the planet.

Effortless Use for Maximum Relief

Navigating the ins and outs of pain management can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

But with the Rhia Nano, you'll find relief without any extra effort.

By combining heat therapy with percussion therapy, you can experience immediate pain relief without the need for painkillers.

Operating our compact device is straightforward. Simply apply the heated plate to your pain points, sit back, and let the device do the work.

With the Rhia Nano, it's easy to take control of your pain and enjoy a more comfortable, fulfilling life.

Rhia Health co-founder and double world champion heptathlon athlete Katarina Johnson Thompson using the Rhia Nano
Choose organic and sustainable pain relief

With Rhia, you're choosing more than a product. You're opting for a non-pharmaceutical, natural solution that aligns with your health goals.

You're joining a community that values health, wellness, and a sustainable future.

With Rhia Nano, you're in control.