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Cold & flu

An organic flu remedy to help you combat flu symptoms without reaching for the medicine cabinet

A Natural Flu Remedy

There's nothing more irritating than the onset of a cold or flu - the constant sneezing, the runny nose, and the debilitating body aches.

That's where Rhia Nano comes in, offering a new way to stop flu symptoms in their tracks without the need for painkillers.

The Rhia Nano's heat plate warms your body, increasing blood flow and relaxing tense muscles. This can alleviate body aches and pains that often accompany a cold or flu.

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How to Stop the Flu with the Rhia Nano

The Rhia Nano is an innovative device that combines heat and percussion therapy to provide soothing relief for symptoms of the flu.

To use Rhia Nano, simply position the heat plate on areas where you're experiencing discomfort.

To benefit from heat therapy, glide the Rhia Nano’s heated plate over your temples and forehead to ease any headaches or migraines.

As the heat penetrates your skin, you'll feel a comforting warmth that soothes your aches and helps reduce congestion.

Massaging around your upper back, shoulders, and lower neck may also help you to relax - as will using our device on any sore muscles.

Do not use the Rhia Nano’s massage function above your neck.

Take charge of your recovery

Put down the medicine cabinet and take back control of your own recovery with Rhia Nano.

Empower yourself to stop the flu in its tracks and get back to feeling your best without the aid of painkillers. Trust us, your body will thank you.

Please note that if symptoms persist, we recommend that you see a healthcare professional.

The aim of the information on this page is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. For further details or medical advice on cold and flu, please speak to your GP or a pharmacist.

Frequently asked questions

When to seek a medical professional?

Your symptoms do not improve after 3 weeks 

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments which could contribute to a weakened immune system

When to seek immediate help at A&E

Your symptoms get worse all of a sudden

Your temperature is higher than normal (37.4°C)

You develop shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

You have a chronic lung disease & the cold/flu/covid is not improving