Woman suffering from period pains

Period pain

Experience the true liberation from menstrual pain - without the need for painkillers - using our heat therapy device, Rhia Nano.

Organic relief for period pain

Menstrual cramps can be a monthly struggle, causing discomfort and an unwelcome interruption to your daily routine.

That's why we've developed the Rhia Nano, an innovative percussion and heat therapy device designed to alleviate period pain naturally and effectively.

The Rhia Nano, equipped with a heat plate, targets specific pain points, delivering deep-penetrating warmth that soothes your muscles, eases tension and provides immediate relief from menstrual cramps.

Are you experiencing Menopause?

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How to use the Rhia Nano for period pain relief

Getting relief from period pain has never been easier.

Simply place the Rhia Nano's heated plate onto your lower abdomen, allowing the comforting warmth to penetrate your skin and soothe your pain receptors.

The increased blood circulation that comes with heat therapy also accelerates the healing of any damaged tissues, providing you not just immediate relief, but also promoting long-term health.

Taking Control of Your Menstrual Pain

With Rhia Nano, you no longer have to rely on painkillers for period pain relief. Say goodbye to their unpredictable side effects and take control of your menstrual cycle with our organic menstrual painkiller solution.

The Rhia Nano empowers you to handle menstrual pain in a safe, natural, and effective way, letting you live your life unrestricted.

With the Rhia Nano, you're in control.

If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.
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Frequently asked questions

When to seek a medical professional?

Seek advice from your GP if you have severe period pain and/ or your normal pattern for experiencing period changes such as lasting longer, becoming more usual or irregular.

When to seek immediate help at A&E?

Excessive Bleeding

Severe Pain

Fever and Vomiting

Significant Change in Symptoms

What are the common causes of period pain?

Typical period pain (primary dysmenorrhea) is caused by cramping tissues. Underlying health problems can also cause this pain (secondary dysmenorrhea), such as endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease. 

A type of contraceptive device called an intrauterine device (IUD) can occasionally cause period pain, especially in the first few months after being fitted.