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Experience the revolution in pain relief technology.

Take control of your pain

Our percussion massager with heat therapy offers clinically-backed relief at the touch of a button

More and more people want to take control of their health - not just numb the issue with medication

Join countless others in choosing a healthier, proactive approach to managing discomfort with a natural alternative to painkillers

With our devices, you're not just masking the problem - you're actively providing organic relief

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Experience Relief for Various Conditions

Headaches & Migraines

Back Pain

Cold & Flu

Rheumatic Joint Pain

Period Pain

Muscle Soreness


“This product was great for my shoulder. I also love that I can take it anywhere."


“Overall I am very impressed. It is small but powerful, and perfect for massages after the gym and running. I love the heat feature.”


“Great product. Purchased it for my girlfriend - she is a gardener and suffers from a sore back and legs. She loves this device and it has helped a lot with her pain.”


“My husband got one for my birthday and I love it. I use it before and after my workouts, and it’s great to help blood circulation.”


“I bought this device for my husband but I use it as much as he does!”


“My husband always has a sore back and I have a sores shoulders, and we are constantly fighting to use this device. It is very effective.”


“I love this device. A friend had one at their house and I was very impressed. Bought my own and have used it so much.”


“I work full time at a desk and get migraines due to the screens. I have found the heating element on this device to be really effective in reducing how bad my headaches get.”


“I bring it everywhere with me now, even to the office, as I suffer from back pain. The variety of heads is a plus as well! I will 100% recommend it.”


“I take it everywhere; I find it helps immensely my period pain.”


“After hours stuck in front of a screen, the heat on my neck and temples is hugely relieving.”


“I travel a lot for work, so this tiny device is amazing for me to slip into my hand luggage!”


“This little apparatus is easy to use, effective, and extremely well made. So glad it was recommended to me.”


Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Rhia Health co-founder and double world champion heptathlon athlete Katarina Johnson Thompson.
Rhia Health co-founder and double world champion heptathlon athlete Katarina Johnson Thompson using the Rhia Nano

"Becoming an investor and ambassador for Rhia Health is merely the beginning. As a regular user, even outside of my training regimen, I can attest to their daily benefits from personal experience.
Above all, I am thrilled to contribute to the evolution of Digital Pain Relief Technologies."

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Graph showing the average household spend of painkillers compared to a Rhia Nano Graph showing the average household spend of painkillers compared to a Rhia Nano

More cost-effective than painkillers

With our two-year warranty, you will save half of what the average household spends on over-the-counter medication

Clinically Proven

Rhia Health leads the way in the field of Digital Therapeutics. Our UK-based team of scientists, physiotherapists, and engineers have devoted years to research and development, ensuring we deliver the world's best pain relief devices.

2 Year Warranty

Every Rhia device comes with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind. Plus, our friendly customer service team, based in the UK, is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Woman using the Rhia Nano after buying with Klarna

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